The Stateful ElePHPant


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I am impressed. This talk was very well structured, handled the topic really well. the examples were awesome, the explanations were great. I would do a little less PHPStorm promotional talk (I know the IDE is great, I was not there to learn about it ;) ), but overall, a really really good talk delivered in a way an experienced speaker would do.

This was by far the best talk of the conference for me. Very well presented, the talk was clearly structured and "made sense" from the start. Hard to believe that this was his first appearance at a major conference.

Just one minor improvement: Get rid of all the PHPStorm specific parts that did not add any value to the talk and sometimes was a bit irritating. Create a separate talk where you can show all of your PHPStorm skills ;)

Brilliant talk.
I personally would have liked a little more on implementing a library such as Yohang's or Winzou's, but the explanation of how one is constructed was more than enough really.

Have to admit that I was a little intimidated at first with all the Javascript ;)

Nice talk, I enjoyed it very much.

One improvement: Stick to the most important subject (State!) and don't mention stuff that doesn't matter like PhpStorm tricks or JavaScript code. The checkout code was more than clear to me.

Hope to see more talks from you!