Uncon: VIM for PHP developers


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Anonymous at 09:38 on 27 Jun 2015

No rating yet ? Come on, give the man some feedback !

Informative, friendly speaker. I'd like to see improvements on the flow and speed of the talk. Also I do believe Ike knows what he's talking about and has a well working setup however a little 'marketing sauce' wouldn't hurt: instead of "yeah, you could use this and this", just be proud and say: "this is quite awesome, you should really try this out!"

@Lucas, thanks for the feedback and possible points of improvement :)

Very nice overview of the possibilities of vim and of the overwhelming amount of modules and plugins it has.
Really nice to hear from someone who seemed to have tried them all and who has managed to create the perfect tool for his (workflow) needs.
It's things I would not have easily discovered otherwise and I enjoyed the speaker being passionate about it.

I agree with Lucas on the "marketing" bit if you would like to make it into a conference talk. Didn't mind it for the uncon.

And thanks for the tips afterwards!

I really have my doubts about the marketing part, but you both mention it.

As I had heard an older version of this talk before, I am a bit biased.

Ike definitely knows what he talks about and this reflects very obvious in this talk.