Using Docker to orchestrate local PHP development


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Given the strict time limit (which was announced at the beginning of the talk), it would be more wise to skip / hurry the general intro to docker... All the people in the room raised their hands at 'who is familiar with docker'

Also running the docker within a vagrant image, is kinda ironic :P True, it doesn't run native on osx.

Also, if one of the speakers is unfamiliar with osx, don't use it for giving a presentation :-)

The PHPUnit vs different PHP versions was neat.

Anonymous at 16:51 on 26 Jun 2015

It was interesting, but the use of time could be improved for next time: The intro into docker was pretty long, the live demos went too fast. At the end I still had many of the questions I entered the room with. I think this talk should be made into a tutorial or workshop where it has more time and where it becomes more hands-on and detailed.

As a complete beginner to Docker, I appreciated the first part of the session, but that's really already available all around the web, so would be probably more useful to drop the one. The lack of time did the rest, but in general - a fare talk :) Thanks.

Arnout Boks at 19:17 on 26 Jun 2015

I think that a bit more preparation could have really helped this talk. Right now it felt a bit messy, both in speaker alternation, unfamiliarity with the laptop OS and time management.

As someone who has seen some docker demo but never got more in depth, it felt like some of the more interesting parts (like tags and layers) got skipped. It may help to communicate the content and target audience more clearly.

Anonymous at 22:42 on 26 Jun 2015

I heard the guys presenting were especially asked to keep it 'simple' and not highly technical. They both knew quite a bit more then they could show today. And the workshop idea might be indeed a great idea to do next year!

I really liked the demo on how to unit test against different PHP versions with docker. The overall feeling for this talk, though, was that it needed more preparation and, as someone already pointed, could have better used feedback from the audience: if you make a question, make the answer count and try to adapt the talk.

Even if it does not really have to do with docker itself and the talk title certainly excludes it, I would have loved to see how a project can be packed in an image and deployed to prod, or how devel/staging/prod environments can be managed and automated with docker.

Good talk, anyway, made me want to play a little more with docker.

The layers seemed to be important but weren't really covered, though I did somehow get the idea, I think. The use of time could be better indeed: I really don't need to see everything to believe it works

Knowledgeable and talented speakers, interesting message, but a chaotic display!

when you get a speaking slot at an event like DPC, one would expect way better presentation and coordination. Especially with 2 speakers, which complicates things more.

I wouldn't say this is a bad talk, it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL. This talk could be turned into a 5-star presentation, but that will require more discipline from both speakers.

And finally: I was impressed with the expertise and the speaking style of Marc.

That being said: I'd definitely check this guys out again, but only when they've done a better job preparing the talk.

I'm forced to give this presentation a 3-star rating, sorry about that guys!

I had some knowledge of Docker and had played around with it at some point in the last 6 months.

I found the presentation very chaotic. I understand that a presentation with 2 speakers is a challenge, but please, practice this some more up front.

That being said, I liked the sort intro into Docker, and I loved the demo in which you showed to run unit tests on multiple php versions.

As already known to the subject I was merely there to see how everything went. I must say (and have already said in person) the talk had _great_ potential but felt rushed and chaotic (as has already been said)

Docker is a _really_ cool tech and _does_ have various practical uses even for "plain" PHP development. Based on the talk, the feedback i received after, i _almost_ did an unconference "docker workshop".. but the slots were already full. Again, the community is really looking for practical and day-to-day usages of Docker with PHP. The phpunit demo hinted towards this but would have liked to see more of it ;)

Hope to see more of this on various expertise levels!

As some other people already mentioned, you can tell that this is a talk with great potential, but the way content was presented really needs some polishing. It felt a bit chaotic.

I think most part of the audience was already familiar with the initial concepts of containers, that could be covered a bit faster in my opinion to save time for the more practical content.

The topic is very interesting for me, but I've found the talk a bit disappointing. It covered only very basic examples (most probably available on the web) and there were no discussion about Docker internals, performance, etc.