Diving Deep Into JavaScript Functions


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Andries Seutens at 12:32 on 25 Jun 2016

Good insights to help better understand functions. Well brought. Thanks!

Grant Lovell at 13:57 on 25 Jun 2016

Exactly as described, goes deep into JavaScript functions. Calmly and thoroughly explained.

excellent presentation. It almost topped the Debugging presentation I visited a slot earlier, but it was really close ... Really liked the way the presenter was thinking: learning more what is really happening at the back of the code. Not just type in and hope you get the result you expect, you really should know why you get the result you are getting. Excellent examples and an inspiration for those not already interested in JavaScript.
Only thing I did not like that much were the 'funny' gifs that were between some of the slides. It is a matter of taste, and I personally wouldn't have used them, but it is the information you gave that was the most important too me.

Mindblown... you made my head spin with some code samples, but in the end I finally got a good understanding of how javascript functions and (this) actually works. Colin mentioned how he distilled a 60 minute talk into 40 minutes, it did not bring down its quality. PS: loved the gifs...

It was refreshing to get a peek beneath the hood of javascript.
Some of the theory was a bit harder to understand, although overall it was quite easy to follow and understand