Driving Design through Examples


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Good speaker.
Good buildup and lots of usefull info.

Great talk and interesting approach to create a business model.

Great talk, very interesting topics, and testing the domain without the UI is really interesting since those tests normally are only ran on PR basis, or something executed less times.

Luis Cobucci at 21:55 on 26 Jun 2016

This talk was surprisingly good!

The balance between the technical and "non-technical" items was perfect and Ciaran made a really good job to explain the building blocks of a Domain without being "boring".

Rob ter Haar at 23:20 on 26 Jun 2016

I like this talk. A good insight to see how to do BDD. A eyeopener for me!

Enjoyed this talk quite much, looking forward to use the example's appoarch in discussing of user stories. Also liked the fact, that BDD is actually applicable even without using of Behat and other BDD frameworks. NIce speech!

Great talk with a lot of examples (pun intended) and good insight.