Extending without pulling a muscle


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Colin O'Dell at 15:08 on 24 Jun 2016

Sara did a great job demonstrating how to build HHVM extensions. Even though I've never worked with HHVM before (and am relatively new to C/C++), I feel I learned enough to get started with extension development. Nicely done!

Steven Don at 16:27 on 24 Jun 2016

Very intriguing subject matter and Sara is a very capable presenter.

Anonymous at 23:49 on 24 Jun 2016

Sara is clearly an expert and does a great job "dumbing it down" for those of us new to extension development. Well done!

I enjoyed the talk and it was easy followable even if it was years ago i did anything with extensions

J.D.Mutsaerts at 10:56 on 25 Jun 2016

very well performed engaging talk including clear semi-life demo's

Cathy Cramer at 12:43 on 25 Jun 2016

Interesting topic and well-organized talk. Sara is a very good presenter.

James Titcumb at 14:05 on 25 Jun 2016


Good insight in how hhvm extention internals work and why working with php internals is hell :) Nice and easy talk

good presentation, great insides about the php internals. Too bad most presentations aren't this hardcore tech.

Eddy de Boer at 09:34 on 26 Jun 2016

What..did I just witnessed.
Sara is brilliant.
Has a 100% knowledge of what she is doing, fast, (intimidating fast), and a fun speaker.

Anonymous at 14:46 on 27 Jun 2016

I joined this talk expecting it to be somewhat out of my comfort zone, not having touched any internals and not doing any C for the past 15 years. While I was indeed out of my depth, I really enjoyed the in-depth technical level, and I was happy to find that I could still follow everything quite clearly. You're clearly very comfortable with the subject matter, and present it in a very natural and non-intimidating fashion. More hardcore-tech talks like this please!