Feature Flags are Flawed: Let's Make Them Better


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Nice presentation, with good examples.

Nice presentation. While the presented library doesn't cover my use cases, it has the benefit to be useful for a good range of cases and is backed by a company having this need. Thanks for open sourcing it and the presentation was well done.

Great talk, nice introduction to swivel, good speaker

Overall a good presentation, but I had a different view on feature flags, so the title was a bit misleading to me. In my opinion feature flags aren't just on/off toggles, they can be conditional (based on a context which can contain of user/browser/session/region or anything else).
For that reason, this talk felt more like a promotion of Swivel (with less features then feature toggles that I'm used to) then an actual talk about improving feature toggles.

I think this talk is a reasonable overview of feature toggles, and a nice explanation of how the 'problem' was solved with the Swivel library. I'm not sure I agree with the entire solution (and to be honest, "users" in "buckets" that have "behaviours" sounds like an ACL with "users" in "groups" that have "privileges" so maybe the problem didn't require a new solution at all).

As for the speaker, it was presented quite well but a little bit more humour would have made it better.

Anonymous at 15:02 on 27 Jun 2016

As someone with limited exposure to feature flags, this talk was pretty enlightening. It's a nice introduction to swivel too, although I didn't end up very convinced of it's benefits over a homebrew centralized flag manager. Definitely gave me a few new points to consider when deciding on implementing feature flags.