Getting started with ReactPHP


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It's a nice and interesting topic, I found it a little bit hard to follow.

Luis Cobucci at 22:08 on 26 Jun 2016

ReactPHP is really interesting and the speaker was able to explain its potential, but a some items required knowledge from the audience and that made things a bit harder...

Some suggestions:
- Story line:
- You can try to find a simpler example that uses just one piece of ReactPHP and explain everything in details, and then provide an overview of the related components;
- Try also to explain a bit more why async I/O is so nice and what are the benefits for a PHP application;
- (minor) Background color and images: maybe you can try to find another color that is not so "strong", use some pics to help you to tell the story.

Eager to see this talk again ;)

Steven Don at 15:44 on 27 Jun 2016

The concepts of ReactPHP intrigue me and I definitely got the impression that the speaker was both knowledgeable and passionate about the topic. On the other hand, the presentation technique was a little bland and unengaging. It would benefit the speaker to get more practice in engaging the audience. I would have liked to see some use-cases from real-world projects where ReactPHP has been used and the problems it solves or how it was an improvement over previous solutions. Even if those are just summarised, I think it would help convince the audience of how cool ReactPHP can be.

A practical talk explaining a simple example app with non-trivial features. Demonstrated the benefits to traditional syncrhonous applications clearly.

I would have liked a quick comparison of ReactPHP versus existing solutions, the current development status and examples of real world applications.