Message oriented architectures with RabbitMQ


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Vladas Dirzys at 13:34 on 24 Jun 2016

It was clear that Mariusz is very knowledgeable.

However it would have been nice to get instructions on how to verify the installation (being able to run the list users command and login to the administration page) beforehand, so it would have been easier to start.

Also at the end of the workshop there was a moment when Mariusz went through the audience and talk to everyone individually. Which is nice, but also created a situation where everyone else didn't have anything todo.

Rob ter Haar at 23:14 on 26 Jun 2016

Good intro, next time start in the begin also when someone is not ready. This slows down all the other attendees.

Nic Wortel at 09:37 on 27 Jun 2016

The talk was good, it gave me a good insight on the concepts of RabbitMQ (producers, exchanges, queues, binding keys, etc.), something that I've found hard to wrap my head around.

I also learned a thing or two from the practical part of the workshop. However, as other people have already noted, the tempo was a bit low at some points, which made it feel a little bit less efficient.

My tip would be to find someone to help you during the workshop, so that you can divide your attention and speed up the tempo a little bit.

Also, I know Docker is still very new and setting it up might be a bottleneck for itself (especially for Mac / Windows users), but my colleague and I used a Docker image of RabbitMQ which we had up and running within 1 minute.

The theory about RabbitMQ, how it works and how to use it, was interesting and explained well, but the practical part of the workshop was rather boring too be honest. It would be nice if there were a real goal we could have implemented, instead of a basic hello world like example.
I realise that the setup of the speaker wasn't working as expected but that should not have kept the attendees from implementing the original thought out task.