Microservices: Packs small, plays BIG!


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Great talk. Very informative. Brought with a lot of humour. Thoroughly enjoyed it

Good topic, really like the idea o SOA vs microservices (vs nanoservices).

Stephan was a lot of fun to watch and injected some serious thought and humor into an otherwise dry, "done" topic.

Nice talk! Would be cool to get some code examples, since it was quite theoretical, but still, good insight into the idea of microservices.

Anonymous at 14:59 on 27 Jun 2016

Great presenting, and a lot of new insights gained in how to apply microservices, and how to make them play nice.

David A at 23:37 on 27 Jun 2016

You are experienced speaker, no question about that... Maybe I would like to see more PHP-related examples, to find a relation between topic and my core interests.

Experienced and sympathetic speaker. Clear overview and argumentation for using microservices compared to traditional monolithic software.