Mutation Testing in PHP with Humbug


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Dennis C. at 12:16 on 25 Jun 2016

Great talk! Minor improvements could be to re-iterate certain points a little less and practice a little more so you wont struggle to find the correct english word

The talk was perfectly timed, and full of awesome content about mutation testing.

Great talk: good structure and told the story of an interesting project well.

I think the concept of mutation testing itself should get more attention. My colleague sitting next to me (a bright guy I can tell you) did not even understand what it was. Next time I'd suggest to try to do the talk without the tooling, and explain how one might implement such a tool, starting from the beginning, and trying an example

Oh and please don't sum up a list of command line options and installation methods. That feels like the worst kind of pastime in the department of time wasted :)

The talk kinda missed the point for me. I needed the explanation from a colleague before I got what Mutation Testing actually was about.

And explaining how to install tools and all the options felt a little like a filler. Those are things I can look up easily on the web myself, the presentations are - imho - more about talking about basics and/or explaining the theory more into depth.

This talk kinda expected the attendees had some basic knowledge about MT and explained (too) much about the tools used.

I did enjoy the little pacman progression at the bottom ^^