Play PHP Like a Puzzle with Puli


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Ron Rademaker at 22:50 on 24 Jun 2016

Useful goal, but the talk was too basic IMO and the speaker left too many long silences. Interaction is nice but honestly asking who used composer on a php conference in 2016 is too much, assume basic knowledge and experience at your audience.

Thanks for your honest feedback Ron. Unfortunately I have been to quite a few conferences before where a more advanced version of this talk was "too technical". I was not quite sure what audience to expect here. In any case, I'm sorry for your bad experience.

You can find the more indepth version of this talk (the part on Puli) on Speakerdeck:

Really interesting topic.
Although I agree with Ron when comes to "assuming basic knowledge and experience at your audience", this could led to more time for more insights on the topic.

Solid presentation, the speaker showed a ton of tools and explained why it makes sense to use them. I would have expected to hear more about Puli (I felt only the last 15min did cover Puli).

Maybe the title of the talk should be modified a bit to make clear that the talk does cover a lot of tools and does not only focus on Puli.