Scaling your website


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Cathy Cramer at 14:28 on 25 Jun 2016

It would be helpful to include information about the system size at which the advantages of various techniques outweigh disadvantages.

Great stuff! Good structure and build up, first going vertical, then horizontal. It gave a good overview of the tech involved (did you leave out Varnish for a reason?) and the reasoning behind using each piece. You looked relaxed giving it, which always makes it easy to listen.

Steven Don at 16:06 on 27 Jun 2016

Although most of the topics covered weren't exactly new to me, it was interesting to hear about both your opinions and practical experience. I would have liked a bit more levity to break up the rather dry summation of points. While you explained all the concepts that were on your slides quite well, I do feel that the slides *were* the talk, rather than *supporting* the talk.

Not too much new stuff in there for me, but really interesting (and strangely comforting) to hear that Facebook just does it the way that anybody would :)