The IoC Hydra


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Very good presentation and performance problems mentioned are those we encounter on daily basis with DIC's. Suggestion on using multi kernels is proven by my experience a very nice workaround.

Might be worth to mention the Tideways blog post about DIC performance especially with event listeners in one of the slides.

Thanks for your talk.

This started off real promising but at some point unfortunately changed into a feature listing of the Symfony DependencyInjection component, even though it started with a "this is not your 'yet another DIC framework'" reassurance. Nearly everything in the presentation was implementation detail and really no longer had anything to do with what the talk's topic promised to be in the first 10 minutes. Too bad because the slide about how Events, AOP and DI relate to each other really made me enthusiastic for the topic :)

David A at 23:21 on 27 Jun 2016

I have very similar opinion to @Gerard, because I expected something more from the abstract.

The first half of the talk was very interesting. Really enjoyed the visualisation and examples shown of the difference between DI, Events and AOP.
But after that I was expecting to see some more examples for how to use them correctly - especially how to use AOP and/or Events, since DI is more like the standard approach.
Or maybe telling more about when to use what approach.

But in the end it was more about how the DI in Symfony2 is handled and can be setup. But being a daily Symfony2 user, that part was not very interesting anymore.

So first half was a 4 thumbs-up, second half was more 2,5 :P

Not a bad presentation at all but I am unsure on who your target audience was supposed to be. I suspect that those who work in symfony will probably know most features you talked about, and those that don't may not have been following you through the entire talk.

If you wanted to focus more on the intermediate usage of DI you could try and decouple from symfony a bit more.