Things I was unprepared for as a lead developer


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Ben Waine at 13:25 on 25 Jun 2016

I enjoyed this talk, particularly the section on teams being immutable. A refreshing way of looking at the problem of maintaining good culture in your engineering organisation. The speakers method of story telling and quality of delivery were also both really good. Thanks for the great talk.

Dennis C. at 13:42 on 25 Jun 2016

Thanks! Great talk with good info, I would have liked a little more speed though :)

Nice topic! A lot of useful information (and humor, of course).

Enthousiastic speaker, presented very openly by sharing his own mistakes and experiences.

Complements Ben Waine's talk well by looking at it from a slightly different angle (being unprepared).

What I'll take home from this: being a lead developer is as much about people as it is about tech.