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Ronald D. at 10:20 on 26 Jun 2016

Really liked the talk, gave some good insights and examples

The talk started of really promising for me and I really liked the title and abstract. Halfway it felt the subject was going a different direction, toward PSR. I did understand why this is important, but I did expect different content in the talk. About how to structure the code with more examples of directory structures, classes etc. I did like the talk but had different expectations based on the abstract. The talk itself was good.

Rob ter Haar at 23:02 on 26 Jun 2016

Good to think about but its a litte to far abstraction to me. Abstraction is good. But there is a time to stop.
Good to know people are busy with this topic.

For me it was more an introduction into the world of PSR, heared about it but never really looked into it.

I did had some different expectations about the talk, the whole framework agnostic didn't really fit with the work I'm currently doing - I'm not bothered with the Symfony Bundles, for instance.

I did understand why it could bother someone like the speaker, but it had no connection with me.
I did enjoy the whole talk, since it was presented in a clear and structured way. It triggered me to check out other stuff like Puli and such...

So thanks for the talk.