The browser and PWAs can break today's web limits accessing the Physical, VR and Native App Worlds. Let's see how to integrate your PWAs with native features such as Share dialogs, Apple/Android Pay, Sensors and Bluetooth; and how to add Virtual and Mixed Reality experiences through WebVR.

In this session we will introduce new JavaScript APIs and specs that are now joining the Web and PWAs that let us connect with new worlds, such as the Physical World with hardware, sensors and Bluetooth; the Virtual and Holographic Worlds with WebVR and 360 content; and the Mobile World through device integration in PWAs.

We will cover new JavaScript APIs, such as WebVR, Bluetooth, Payments, Share, Push and more with demos and updated info on current and future compatibility. We will also see current state of hardware APIs that can be used to get data from sensors and what we can do in Virtual and Mixed Reality devices with devices on-stage, such as on HoloLens, DayDream, and Oculus.

We will make live demos that attendees will be able to test on their own devices while attending the session.


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Very new and progressive stuff. But to many topics for the available time. And the speaker spoke the truth when saying. Don't do live demo's.

Can you upload your slides somewhere?

Nice overview of existing, new and future APIs for devices. The time did not allow for an in-depth discussion but the breadth of the discussed APIs made up for that.

Thanks for sharing Maximiliano Firtman.