Have you ever looked for a platform to define builds and deployment pipelines with code written in a real programming language and stored inside version control? The 2016 major version of Jenkins introduced Pipeline as Code for this reason, instantly setting a standard for its huge community of users and plugins.

This workshop will put your hands on:
- building delivery pipelines which test a project in isolation, in integration environments and finally deploy it to production
- build all the pull requests in an organization to give timely feedback to developers
- make use of shared resources such as virtual machines, without failing because of race conditions or conflicting builds
- turn off unused virtual machines for costs saving
- remove duplication from pipelines by extracting libraries of steps
- automatically open pull requests proposing changes, such as the update of libraries


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Need work on presentation skills! Didn't learn much even tough I knew little before this workshop. Copy paste is not the way to go in a presentation.

Really dissapointing. This "presentation" wasn't a tutorial/workshop at all.

Just had to execute preconstructed scripts, which weren't explained and as a result did something to execute a positive result in jenkins.