Spend a full day learning about Docker and related tools with Matthias Noback and Lucas van Lierop...

- Use this day to finally take a deep dive into Docker,
- Or bring your own Docker-based project and leverage the combined knowledge of all participants to make it better.
- Work together, or alone.
- Don't follow along with the teacher, find your own path instead.
- Not limited to PHP, use the language of your choice.

We'll offer interesting and useful material: articles, exercises, tips & tricks. A selection of topics you could choose from:

- Continuous integration, including UI tests
- Design principles
- Running build tools
- How to deal with annoying stuff (e.g: users, file permissions, signal handling, dependencies between services)
- Health checks
- Security
- Clustering


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Peter Meijer at 15:39 on 1 Jul 2017

Had a good day working myself to the assesment.

For the next event I would like to suggest to seperate the class in two seperate rooms. in the morning session this was a bit frustrating for me because of the noice of the other group.

Andrii Syniuk at 16:51 on 1 Jul 2017

Nice workshop

Excellent workshop, what I found was lacking (as a total beginner) was a deeper explanation of the technology behind docker. But I later found that explanation at a talk by Niklas Dzösch https://joind.in/talk/e5536

Otherwise it would be a good idea to split the two groups into different rooms.

Lucas (Speaker) at 12:45 on 4 Jul 2017

@Peter and Peter ;)

Thanks for the comments!

Regarding the noise, yes that should be improved. To be honest we did expect the group of people that wanted to have an introduction to be smaller otherwise we would have arranged a separate room for that.