Drupal8 modernization (new object-oriented base) and adoption of many Symfony components is a huge step in connecting these two amazing communities and amazing projects. Drupal8 is not powered by full-stack Symfony and there are still many differences between these two relatives, but still, Symfony developers should master it easily.

This talk is for Symfony developers who don't have experience with Drupal8. It will guide you through routing, controllers, hooks, events, Drupal Console, DI and many other interesting elements that power Drupal8 under the hood. It will also show how to build custom modules Symfony way.


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Required too much preparation at the workshop itself to work on the good parts, would have liked to do that up front (or use a vagrant box?) Make it simple for people to "catch-up" during the workshop (e.g. github repo with tagged solutions for each step of the workshop).

Michiel Kodde at 11:55 on 3 Jul 2017

The workshop met my expectations. As a developer with little Drupal experience I could easily follow the workshop.

Preparation instructions for the workshop could have been more optimized. For example we had the bad luck, installation of the Drupal Console was not as easy as expected due to bad WIFI connectivity. This could have been prevented if we recieved instructions to install these tools beforehand. Much time was lost on this initial step, resulting us not being alble to finish the entire course.