Did you know that your web browser has a full suite of built-in JavaScript debugging tools? With the developer tools in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, you can debug JavaScript on the fly with breakpoints, watch expressions, an interactive REPL with autocomplete, and much more. Learn how to troubleshoot bugs and memory leaks like a pro, armed with the same web browser you already use everyday - no extra plugins or downloads required.


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Anonymous at 18:15 on 30 Jun 2017

Content was a fair bit more superficial than expected. I was expecting more on subjects like advanced debugger use and the code mappings, rather than basic profiling and optimising.
The presentation style was pleasant and relaxed, although the preamble could be shortened down a bit in my view.

Ben Dechrai at 03:51 on 5 Jul 2017

Most developers know the basics of the Javascript developer console and related tools, but the more advanced functions aren't often looked at until the use of console.log() makes your head spin. Vance gave a good overview of many of these advanced tools, including debug stepping, and code mappings. I found the talk very accessible and informative, with the barrier to entry low for even those PHP developers who don't develop in Javascript very much.