It's finally happening: JavaScript is growing up and browser vendors are on board this time. But most web developers are stuck in the year 2000 when it comes to JavaScript. In this session attendees will get a good look at some of the more compelling - and practical - changes already in their favorite browsers. We'll build a small application using these new features and no external libraries! Topics covered in our project will include new variable declaration types and scopes with `let` and `const`, default function arguments, modules, object deconstruction, template strings, "classes", fetch, Promises, and more.

Can you really use these features? Our last topic will be browser support and how to transpile ES6/2015 code down to ES5 for use in older browsers. This is not an introductory tutorial, so attendees should come armed with a basic understanding of JavaScript functions, interacting with the DOM, scope, and async programming!


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Jos Elstgeest at 14:54 on 29 Jun 2017

Really liked this tutorial, makes me wan't to start using ES6 for all my javascript code.

Nicely paced, easy to follow along, outlining some very nice features of ES6.


Ruben Beekman at 14:40 on 4 Jul 2017

Very clear, good pace and left there with a smile on my face while having learned a lot about how to do shit right.