In this talk you will learn how to effectively store, retrieve and display geospatial data, such as roads, points of interests and more.

First we will be importing an OpenStreetMap dataset covering Amsterdam into MongoDB. This is not trivial due to the amount of data.

After importing, we will look at which types of queries we can
run to find things. Either by predicates, or with geospatial queries.

And last we will have a look at how to display the data that we've requested, through a website using the Leaflet mapping library.


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Nice presentation with real-time examples

Arnout Boks at 08:32 on 4 Jul 2017

Interesting talk, covering two topic (OSM data and MongoDB spatial queries) in a nicely integrated manner. Delivery and presentation was spot on as well.

One thing that got me a bit confused at first was the connection between the intro and the part where you show how data can be filtered by different tags. From the intro I understood that the goal was to build a tool for a specific use case (so that much of the data can already be filtered/converted on-import), not a more general-purpose OSM feature finder. Making clear that 'finding open pubs' is just one example of what the desired tool can do might make the need for a flexible metadata structure a bit more natural.