In this workshop we will get into practical examples of how to create a Progressive Web App -an offline capable app-like web application- using the latest specs. Google, Mozilla, Samsung, Opera and Microsoft are all supporting the new Progressive Web Apps world.

We will cover desktop and mobile webapps, using Service Workers and other specs, debugging techniques and tools available. We will learn how to detect connection status and how to create a successful offline experience. We will cover how to use Push Notifications for the Web, how to setup notifications server-side using Google Firebase.

We will finally see how to use Web App Manifest to convert the website into a native-like webapp and how to serve similar solutions for Safari and iOS and other non-compatible browsers.

After this workshop you will have a fully functional PWA that you can serve to your users.


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Lots and lots of good information. Maximiliano really knows what he's talking about and was able to answer any and all questions.

More time between explaining several concepts to code some stuff and explore the concepts hands on would have been nice.