What happens when your browser connects to a HTTPS secure site?
We all know it has to do something with certificates, blue and green address bars and sometimes your browser will give warnings which we normally click away. But what actually happens under the hood? In this talk I will give a step-by-step explanation on the first few hundred milliseconds during a connection to HTTPS. We will talk about master secrets, shared secrets, cipher suites, x509 certificates and why secure does not (always) mean secure.


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Great talk

Marc at 15:47 on 1 Jul 2017

Oke wow, the details of this talk and how much information and history was just great.

The amount and speed of information felt just right. The speaker felt very comfortable and knowledgeable about the topic.

Thijs at 14:07 on 4 Jul 2017

Great talk, good delivery and pace and kept everybody on board.
The history timeline on the development of SSL and introduction of TLS was well done.