We all know not to poke at alien life forms in another planet, right? But what about metrics, do you know how to pick, measure and draw conclusions from them? In this talk we will cover Service Level Indicators (SLI), Objectives (SLO), and how to use Prometheus, an open-source system monitoring and alert platform, to measure and make sense of them. Let's get back to some real science.


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Anonymous at 11:49 on 8 Jun 2018

Nice presenting style, clear speaker.
But it felt like too much time was spent in the beginning explaining basic metric terminology. Only the last 15 mins or so felt like the actual talk subject and they felt quite rushed. Would've been nice to see a little more of implementation and data presentation.
Live demo didn't really add much for me, samples of the interface with real data would've been more interesting to me.

Frank de Jonge at 12:16 on 8 Jun 2018

The talk was exceptionally well delivered. The story line was carefully laid out and that attention to detail really paid off. The mix of "how it works in theory" and "this is how we applied" it worked really well for me. The amount of information on "how to think about X" was really good.

Jasper N. Brouwer at 12:32 on 8 Jun 2018

Very clear picture of how metrics are done. Raphael always manages to make a potential complex subject simple and understandable!

Very nice talk. Contrary to other opinions I felt the first part was the most interesting. Theory is great and applicable to more than one technical solution.

Dennis C. at 11:28 on 9 Jun 2018

Based on the title I would have expected a little bit more Prometheus, still good info and good talk

As always, Rafael delivered an excellent performance. Informational and entertaining talk. I most enjoyed the first part of the talk and I will definitely have a further read in Site Reliability Engineering.

Jeffrey at 17:57 on 9 Jun 2018

I really like the presentation style of Rafael! He build his presentations with an well know red line. From the beginning till the end I was with him in his refactoring story. I hoped for some more insights/tech after the more than useful theory.

Miro Svrtan at 16:35 on 10 Jun 2018

Not really much too say, talk was great, speaker as well, really good amount of theory & practice, sprinkled with 1st hand experience.

Srdjan Vranac at 17:21 on 10 Jun 2018

An excellent talk on an interesting subject, the whole first part of it cleared quite a few things for me.
Delivery was spot on

A very well prepared talk, which makes you think (and immediately want to apply!) the concepts being explained. Ace delivery too.

I really liked the explanation about metrics. Good and clear definition on different metrics, different goals and different situations where to use them.
I did find the part of Prometheus, how to use it, a bit short. Which, for me, was the expectation of the talk: how to apply/use Prometheus to get basic relevant application metrics.
It was good that Rafael mentioned this upfront. My feedback on this would be to change the name of the talk to speak about domain metrics as this would be more suitable.

Overall quality of the presentation is very good, as per standard. Rafael is an experienced speaker and you can see this whenever he is on stage.

Thank you!

Thijs Feryn at 09:33 on 11 Jun 2018

Rafael is a really good speaker, a respected professional and an all-round good guy.

I was disappointed with the end result of this talk and told him why: I was expecting a Prometheus talk, not a "here's my experience with metrics talk that happens to have a tiny bit of Prometheus included".

I was planning to give this a 3/5, but that would mean it wasn't a good talk. It was a good talk, but I expected something else. A 4/5 is granted.

This talk could be split up into 2 different talks:

a) A talk about your experiences with metrics
b) A talk about Prometheus (might require a bit of research from your end)

Conclusion: disappointed with the result, but not with the quality of the presentation.

Ronald D. at 18:23 on 11 Jun 2018

Good talk, i liked it. Maybe the title was a little bit misleading.

Good informative talk, excellent explanation of some essentials that many people get wrong.
Was hoping for a bit more on how to setup, but that is hard to do in such a short period.

Talk might be worth upgrading to a tutorial for 3 hours (given enough people might be interested in going).