“Houston we have a problem! This change you want… Well it’s one small change for the codebase but one giant change to the test suite!”

We all know why tests are great. But every once in a while we just wish they’d never been written. One case when test regret occurs is when we want to alter our functionality slightly but in doing so half the test suite goes from green to red.

This talk will investigate why this happens. In particular it looks at the coupling between tests and the code under test. We’ll investigate ways we can reduce this coupling and make out test suites more resilient to change.

This talk is aimed at those who already write tests and have a good understanding of SOLID principles.


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Anonymous at 10:33 on 9 Jun 2018

Excellent talk. Solid examples showing the motivations for decoupling and explaining some of the diffculties in actually making this happen. The level matched expectations from the summary, and the presentation style was pleasant and clear.

Chris Holland at 10:38 on 9 Jun 2018

Very well organized and informative

Nice ideas! A little bit of more code examples will not hurt. Very good talk

Dennis C. at 13:04 on 9 Jun 2018

Great talk! Really loved the content, the examples and the little bits of code. Felt like the talk might have been for a 60 minute slot as we skipped over some of the stuff at the end.

Very nice, loved that the speaker gave some info at the start about the target audience, but in spite of me being a quite experienced tester I stuck with it and don’t regret it. The speaker said he was quite nervous but it was hardly noticeable, very nice speaking skills and good info.

Frank van Hest at 21:54 on 9 Jun 2018

I’m definitely going to review our existing integration tests if they are decoupled enough. Great talk

At the start of the talk it was mentioned that this talk might not be that suitable for people already having some experience with testing. This made me hesitate if I should switch talks. I ended up not going to another talk and was glad I did not. I think this talk is for everyone who is interested in BDD en Testing. Good talk and clear examples. Maybe a little bit more lenghty part on integration tests would be nice.

Good tips on how to improve a test base.

Good structure, very logical presentation. I enjoyed the different levels of testing UI / Integration / Unit, the examples and the honest evaluation of the 3 levels. It is a bit less on 'what should' and a bit more on 'what works'.

Dave is very open to discussions afterwards, which makes it even more interesting. Lots of good suggestions, thank you.

Super informative and interesting talk. Used solid argumentation to stress the importance of decoupling and clearly explains how one would go about achieving decoupled tests. Starting with the "Is this talk for you" slide was great, since it makes clear what to expect and what not from the talk.