By becoming a remote developer you can broaden your horizons, work on something more interesting to you. You as company, by going remote can find better developers, ppl more interested in what you are doing.

But remote is hard. I will speak from my past experience and show you how I'we solved some of the issues. I'we been a remote developer (part of a team, not freelancer/contractor) for almost 2 years now and I'm loving it but the road was bumpy. Missing office gossip and relevant information, working from home or office, less direct contact with fellow team mates, not able to grab a lunch or drinks together team spirit is something that needs to be nurtured in other ways.


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Great talk, well delivered. Thanks for sharing your experience and challenges.

Dennis C. at 13:08 on 9 Jun 2018

I loved the insights and the message delivered, I wouldn't have minded some more tips and tricks for working remotely like the screen pair programming and the video meetings.

Jasper N. Brouwer at 13:40 on 9 Jun 2018

The talk as delivers very nicely and relaxed, very easy to follow. It contained good advise, especially the one about setting your working-hours resonated with me, it solved some expectation-mismatches between me and my wife. I also liked that most advise didn't revolve around tools.

Dennis D at 23:23 on 10 Jun 2018

Really useful advice! Nicely structured talk brought with a bit of humor. Would definitely recommend it.

This was a very good talk for people interested in remote positions. If you already work remote it still has useful points to take with you.

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 13:00 on 12 Jun 2018

Thank you all for such great reviews & feedback, means so much!

@DennisC: I tought I covered pair programming tools (I'we used hangouts &, tryed Slacks tool but wasnt working for us then) and for video conferencing I would suggest to google around (I'we used both hangouts & with OK results, unfortunately not perfect as conferencing 10 people can be tricky)

Robert Basic at 13:26 on 14 Jun 2018

Great delivery, great content, and most importantly, great discussion at the end!