This prototype works, but it’s not pretty, and now it’s in production. That legacy application really needs some TLC. Where do we start? When creating long lived applications, it’s imperative to focus on good practices. The solution is to improve the whole development life cycle; from planning, better coding and testing, to automation, peer review and more. In this tutorial, we’ll take a deep dive into each of these areas, looking at how we can make positive, actionable change in our workflow.


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Steve Winter at 11:27 on 9 Jun 2018

Overall a good session with a great mix of
- not sure about that
- I need to find out more about that
- I can use that on Monday!

Behat was new to me, and I'm not sure that section did Behat justice - hard to tell how it added value over unit tests in the examples during the session.

Really liked the way the session was structured using the full SDLC as the 'framework' for the session.

Learned new techniques that i can put to use.

It was well structured, and we really got a run through of the entire process.