Developers are unit testing, QA staff is integration testing, Users are acceptance testing. Do you really need to add browser automated tests too? Have you ever experienced side effects of upgrading third party components or server configuration changes? Do you have trouble testing your entire site to ensure bugs weren't introduced?

If so, you may need browser automation testing. In this tutorial we will combine Puppeteer, Mocha, and Chai to automate your browser and test all your site's components. This will lead you to deliver your updates reliably and catch bugs before they get deployed.


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Learned a lot.
You prepared it very well, but during the talk you could make a little better use of:
- Give an asignment
- Let the attenders try to solve the challenge
- Show the solution
Because when you show the solution too early people tend to just type over the solution.

Learned a lot on a topic that might be very usefull