Soft skills are getting more and more important on the workfloor. Developers however forget to practice these a lot and often do not even know how to practice these.
With this workshop we will go over some exercises and drills each of us can do to improve our soft skills.
Not only theoretically but also in practice. Active participation required!


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Pim Elshoff at 14:53 on 8 Jun 2018

Kenneth has done a lot of work on soft skills and is sharing that with us. The workshop is well-paced and contains some useful content. Kenneth is aware of people's limits and encourages *but does not push* people to step out of their comfort zone. For a 5/5 I would love to see Kenneth be prepared to take charge of the close too. We had a great conversation during the final hour, and he created the atmosphere for that conversation, but there was no real close to send us off with. I would recommend this workshop highly.

Rudi v. Pelt at 08:44 on 11 Jun 2018

Usefull and fun, the keywords for this talk.
We had a blast and we got to see people grow (in speaking up) in the relax and open space provided by Kenneth. The end felt a bit unfinished, but there was room for discussions and I liked that.
Kenneth was open for the examples of the group when we suggested a different form for the game he provided.

Maybe you can take a look at these games for future workshops: concept, codenames & spyfall. Can also be fun and educational like time's up. I used them a few times for communication workshops.

Sander Krause at 13:54 on 12 Jun 2018

Fantastic talk, great atmosphere and no pressure to do things you're uncomfortable with. Some of us (including myself) broke out of our comfort zones during this session, which was really good to see. Valuable lessons to be learned, for sure!