Did you know your IoC container can do a whole lot more than just constructor injection?

Besides that it is actually packed with features. Inflectors, resolving callbacks, aliasing, method invocation to name a few.
In this talk you will learn how to leverage the power of a great container and service providers to write better,
loosely coupled code. Well designed code put together by your IoC container will make your applications SOLID,
modular, lean and decoupled from the framework!


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Good talk! Next time try to look at audience, not only your laptop. As said, really interesting talk

Anonymous at 15:14 on 9 Jun 2018

Solid information, good examples to give a clear idea of how these containers function in theory and in practical usage.

The presentation style felt a bit nervous, with quick talking and regular backtracking. It would benefit the talk to try and bring a little more calm in your speaking as to not trip over yourself as much. Also maybe go to the next code slide a little later, you regulary showed the solution code before stating what issue needed to be solved, which can distract the audience.

All of these are relatively minor and the talk as a whole was pretty good, just meant to give pointers for improvement.

Solid presentation. If I were you, I would rather focus on one specific DI container - if needed at all. The bits were you explained how Laravel or Symfony do things are not really needed and hard to follow if you are not already into that. Especially the naming part "here it is called x while in in the tool it is called y" - that overcomplicated things for me. Bonus points for mentioning PSR-11 and service-provider, though.


J.D.Mutsaerts at 11:09 on 11 Jun 2018

Presentation skills could be improved
structure and concepts were good, but make sure examples aren't too confusing for people that do not know the concept at hand.
I can't get over the fact there was a code-solution for classes that have circular dependencies, since to me that sounds like a use case that should not be possible to occur.

Onno Marsman at 13:58 on 11 Jun 2018

Interesting, but presentation skills could be improved. I missed some pros and cons about certain approaches for maintaining large code bases.

Good introduction about DI. Great to see differences between frameworks. Hannes is a excellent speaker.