ReactJS has fundamentally changed how we think about building interfaces. Using the same tools, we can bring this thinking to SVG, WebGL, and beyond. Makes you wonder – could we build games using ReactJS?

In this talk, we'll build a platform game, using ReactJS.

Some of the topics we'll cover include:

* Master the game loop
* Handle player input
* Implement collision detection, gravity, ladders, and stairs
* Work with camera locking, mobs, and health
* Manage game inventory
* Make game levels


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Frank de Jonge at 16:42 on 7 Jun 2018

As somebody who has a done some animation programming in the past, this was a very nice stroll down memory lane. The pace was good, the examples were very engaging. Personally I'd detach this from the ReactJS side entirely and just focus on how the game engines work internally.

Matt Brunt at 16:55 on 7 Jun 2018

Chris is a confident, funny, knowledgeable and patient teacher - I loved the style and mix of slides, easy to access codepen code snippets (made it easy to catch back up if you fell behind a little) and not needing to have anything installed locally if you didn't want to was a neat idea.

It was fun seeing the vanilla javascript way of handling things, the satisfaction of seeing sprites moving around on screen was great!

The react stuff was interesting to learn about, and seeing that it can be used in so many ways (mobile, web etc) is neat.

Also TIL about parcel - which is a really nice little web app bundler that I'd not heard of before!

The react stuff could have been a little more in-depth - I think the game engine stuff was fun, and the react stuff was fun, but it didn't feel like there was enough time to get as in depth with each one as I'd have liked.

Other than that, an awesome workshop!

Xavier Vidal at 23:47 on 8 Jun 2018

As a newbie in the given knowledge I've enjoyed the workshop very much. The first part, hands on, until the collision detection was fun. Then I would have skipped the ReactJs more complex part and continued with the hands on. The last part, the resume with all the things that you can do was also fun.

For the next time a small pre work before the workshop to avoid looking time installing things would be nice.

For me it was the first time to create a game so it was really awesome to make even a simple game in the browser.

I do think It would be handy to follow a tutorial of ReachtJS to get more familiar with it. Chris recommended to follow.

The midday was more advanced and it when a bit faster, we started with ReactJS, shortly after that we had to install iPhone simulator to see our code is run-able on the IOS. It was nice to see its that easy, but a bit wast of time to let us all install the applications while we didn't do anything with it.

So in short;
- the morning session was fun, good to follow and learned new things
- the midday it went to fast

I did had a great day and learned a lot of new things, I certainly go play more with this!

Good workshop, but i do feel the first part of the workshop was better then the second half. Because there was so much to show still i really felt we went trough the react part a bit to fast.

I think this was partly because you wanted to also show the React native par(which was interesting by itself) and do the pair programming bit as well. Personally i would have liked to dive a bit deeper in the reactjs part itself where you could add as side-note that it should be easy to port this to reactnative and reactxp as well.

Nonetheless i enjoyed the workshop,