"Every outage is like a murder mystery" is a common complaint. But it doesn't have to be! This talk gives an overview on how to monitor PHP applications from all possible sides. We dive into:

* System metrics: Keep track of network traffic and system load.
* Application metrics: Gather metrics of nginx or Apache, php-fpm, and MySQL.
* Application logs: Collect logs in a structured format or parse them to extract all the relevant information.
* Uptime monitoring: Ping services and actively monitor their availability and response time.
* Tracing: Follow calls through your application and visualize them.

And we will do all of that live since it is so easy and much more interactive that way.


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Nice talk. However it was a bit of a commercial talk about what you can do with Kibana, which was not in the title.

I truly think you should have mentioned that this is all shown in Kibana. It just shows what you can monitor with Kibana. The talk itself wasn't bad, but I propably wouldn't have joined the talk if i'd have known it was all in Kibana.

Anonymous at 14:21 on 8 Jun 2018

Nice demo of the various ways to dive into the data, also fun to watch. Would've liked to see a little more about the steps involved in setting up your application and servers for this level of reporting.

Ian Smith at 16:46 on 8 Jun 2018

Nice talk, but was really an introduction to Kibana. Shame it also go slowed down by some people getting over excited with AB. :)

Nic Wortel at 23:23 on 8 Jun 2018

As pointed out by other comments, the title did not really reflect the contents of the talk. It was actually a great introduction for anyone interested in the features of Kibana, and the fact that you gave an almost flawless live demo after basically inviting the audience to DDoS your site shows a great lot of confidence (both as a speaker as well as in the product), but given the title I expected something different from this talk.

Stefan at 00:46 on 9 Jun 2018

Cool demo. Not even Apache AB could stop it ;-)

Nice overview of possibilities in Kibana but I agree it wasn’t clear from the description this is what it was going to be.

Nice talk about how to use kibana. However i would have expected that it would be more about what is worth logging and Monitoring.

f4br1cat0r at 18:30 on 10 Jun 2018

The (linked) code samples are very useful. I'll try this out!

Talk was good. Presentation was clear, speaker had no trouble getting his message across the room.
I also like the summary of features that Kibana offers.
But I do feel that the title and abstract is misleading, leaving out a specific keyword: kibana.
Don't get me wrong here, I like Kibana (as I configured an ELK stack before) but I was more looking forward to broader stack.
Feels more like a dutch commercial "To solve this problem, we advice you use this software".

Summary: cool talk, insightful, not what I wanted to see, feels commercial, live demo was cool but next time ask the audience NOT to DDoS your server as this was quite annoying for the demo.

Very interesting and also exciting, but Kibana should have been mentioned in the description.