Symfony has a wide userbase today. Most developers working with Symfony on a daily basis have configured their own services, are fluent in configuring routing and validators.

But what is actually going on under the hood? What happens when the configuration is parsed? What is a cache warmup? What happens to a request before hitting your controller? How does the HttpKernel work? In this workshop, we'll use some features of Symfony that may be less well known to users of the Framework, but that can be a great benefit - we'll build compiler passes, cache warmers, add custom authorization features, and more.


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Tim Huijzers at 03:01 on 10 Jun 2018

Good coverage about subscribers but would like to have a little bit more attention to the rest of the subjects

I enjoyed this, but I feel that there is a little more going on under the hood that wasn't covered at all. And some of what was covered was covered a little too deep maybe... And yet, I learned some good stuff that's immediately applicable - so I would recommend taking this workshop for sure.