Email is the de-facto standard for communication with your customers or website visitors.
Be it for transactional messaging, marketing, mailing lists, sending out an email from a contact form or just plain sending an email form your favorite client.

In the olden day’s it used to be just the good old SMTP(RFC5321) or Simple Mail Transport Protocol. But today we need to make sure that all the newer acronyms are being used correctly, in order to get our message across, but also to prevent others from hijacking our email system and sending out email on our behalf.

In this talk I will explain the inner workings of SPF (RFC7208), DKIM (RFC6376), and DMARC (RFC7489). Not only how they work together to prevent unwanted email abuse, but also how they can help make sure that your valid email reaches it’s intended audience.

From this talk you will take away a deeper understanding of how modern email systems determine if the message you are sending is indeed a valid email and if it should in fact be delivered to its recipient. You will learn how these services need to be configured and how to debug the email delivery process when an email does not reach it’s intended destination when any of them aren’t correctly configured.


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Good talk!

Clear presentation! I learned a lot. About the slides: the bullets are really convenient for re-reading the slides after the talk. However, reading them during your talk distracts attention from your speaking.
Your talk makes me want to dive into this subject more deeply and see if we can improve our configuration. Thanks!