Silex, the micro-framework side-project of Symfony, will reach its end of life soon. However, there are still many applications out there that have been built against Silex and that need to be maintained beyond that point. A migration to Symfony appears to be the best option, so lets have a look at how the migration path could look like.


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I went into this talk to see how other people do their migrations from Silex to other solutions, and this talk let me reach my goal. I have so far not migrated any of my Silex applications to Symfony. I did feel that there could've been a bit more information on migrating to Flex/Symfony 4 instead of Symfony 3, but then I understand that the foundation of this talk was the OpenCFP case. Perhaps a nice one for future talks to look at the migration to Flex/Symfony4. Overall, a nice talk. Thank you.

Alexander M. Turek (Speaker) at 10:39 on 9 Jun 2018

Stefan, thank you for attending my talk and for your feedback. The migrations I've showed also apply to Symfony 4. Regarding Flex, I've said a thing or two, but if you want to know more about migrating to the Flex structure, feel free to talk to me. I'll be at the conference today as well and maybe I can answer your questions.

Ronald D. at 18:26 on 11 Jun 2018

I visited this talk because i'm soon going to migrate a few small Silex apps to Symfony 3/4 (and after that to Flex). And it gave me the enough information and references to get that started.

Besides that, good structured talk and well presented! Thank you.