Starting your journey as a programmer can be daunting and overwhelming. There is so much to learn, so many contradicting sources of information, and so many different opinions about everything. Most of the time we don't get the answers we need or want, but we get vague options that don't really help us all that much. In this talk I discuss the problems we face when teaching others, the problems we face as an industry in a disparity between juniors and seniors and how we can vastly improve the way in which we teach our peers and educate our juniors.


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Jasper N. Brouwer at 11:08 on 9 Jun 2018

Very entertaining talk! Liked the anime theme, well chosen. IMO it could have been spread out more (most was in the beginning). There were good strong points on how to improve learning and teaching, but it felt a bit light. I loved the PR review example, maybe put 1 or 2 more like them in.

Frank de Jonge at 11:29 on 9 Jun 2018

The talk was funny, the advice was good. There were some concepts that could have been explored more. The delivery was really good. Many aspects of this were really relatable. Five stars.

Mark Hamstra at 12:39 on 9 Jun 2018

Great talk with practical tips and comparisons. Memes on point too.

Very well presented. The insights were a bit basic, but perhaps that is just what this audience needed.

Great talk!

Srdjan Vranac at 17:28 on 10 Jun 2018

Light talk on a difficult subject, more please :)

Ronald D. at 18:33 on 11 Jun 2018

Once again, very good and entertaining talk!

The anime made it a light talk IMO, the other pictures made it clear also.
Good talk

Scato Eggen at 23:00 on 12 Jun 2018

Nice talk. Was there almost a reference to Battle Royal? ;)

Anyway, wanted to leave two tips, you probably know them, but just in case. Dryfus Learning Model (see Dan North) and Shu-Ha-Ri (see Alistair Cockburn).


Don't start a cat farm!!!!

Robert Basic at 13:26 on 14 Jun 2018

Great talk on a very important topic. Loved the tips!

Arnout Boks at 19:15 on 14 Jun 2018

Really nice talk, well delivered, and with lots of practical takeaways. The amount of real content felt a bit low though, mainly because of the first 15 minutes or so mainly treating anime. Apart from that, I think this talk was great, just would have liked more of this!