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Very nice insights in the value of soft skills and how to apply them in your day to day job.

Pim Elshoff at 21:17 on 9 Jun 2018

Very good, game changing information. Kenneth has a collected stage presence and radiates calmness. What would make this a 5/5 for me is a better close. A summary, a call to action and a nice one liner to send us off or something :) Would love to see on a proper conference stage some time.

Mark Baker at 10:31 on 14 Jun 2018

Well presented, and an interesting (and sadly neglected) topic that every conference attendee could have benefited from. With clear explanations of why these skills are invaluable to use, and good recommendations on how we can improve on them.
Could perhaps have been improved with some follow-up links and references... the list of book recommendations at the end should perhaps become part of the talk