Uncon talk


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For your second talk, in English, being a non-native English speaker; this talk was awesome. You are lovely to talk to off the stage, and you bring this authenticity and excitement to the stage.

One improvement you could make would be to rehearse your talk until you are so comfortable with the timing that you couldn’t rush it if you tried to. Really, the trick is to keep reminding yourself to slow down and to drink water and to breathe. The talk is interesting, so it won’t bore people even if you slow down.

Conferences could use more talks on this topic, and I’d love to see this talk in one of the upstairs rooms next year.

Mark Baker at 09:56 on 14 Jun 2018

A little nervous and rushed, but a well-structured talk delivered with a good knowledge of the subject, and handled the questions well. Just need to learn to control those nerves.