If you look at the stage of any conference in the PHP world, people are preaching testing,testing,testing ... If you on the other hand look at the community, the percentage of people writing tests is really low.

As a person who went from 'How can I ask for more time/money/resources for testing?' through 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission', to person who writes tests a lot, I still believe testing doesn't make sense. No, it doesnt make sense for all and everyone, often enough it makes no sense for me too.

This talk will explore that fuzzy line when you have to shift your mind from one side to the other: in both directions.


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Anonymous at 17:32 on 8 Jun 2018

A bit disappointed that this was mostly a basic talk about why you do want to do testing. Seemed aimed at hobbyist devs who dont really do testing yet. Was hoping to have more concrete info about metrics and considerations for deciding what to test. It might be eye opening for some, but to me it felt very basic.

Dion Snoeijen at 09:05 on 9 Jun 2018

Practical and reasonable approach to determine when to test.

It's a good point and well worth discussing when, where and what to test. And this helps you in that thought process whether you agree with all of the speakers opinions or not.

Was hands down my favourite talk of the friday. Miro is a great speaker and listening to him was a great pleasure. He had a good balance between information, examples and a humoristic undertone now and then. I loved this as a counter sound against the test-everything talks that have been popping up last years. Finally some realism! This talk was great of testing-newbies, experienced testers and even for dev-managers!

I'm a strong advocate of testing, however I agree completely with the speaker that sometimes testing, or certainly automated testing, is not worth the effort.

I think maybe examples or stories would have helped. E.g. in situation X I did a lot of testing and it didn't pay off because of Y. However on project Z we didn't do any testing and all these bad things happened.

Miro Svrtan (Speaker) at 12:56 on 12 Jun 2018

Thank you all for feedback!

@ Anonymous: would love to chat about your expectations, if you have the time please ping me (email/twitter..)

@Dave Liddament: I was trying to avoid going to deep into examples as it might be hard to explain the details/circumstances/contexts, but I tought I gave more than few examples. Will check out the video if what was in my head got out in the expected way :)

@Peter Lindqvist: I would love to hear what your disagreements are, just to see if I missed something (like context or the whole idea) or just pushed it in the way where I was misunderstood.

If you have any questions/remarks/comments that you want to chat about, feel free to ping me via email/twitter (both should be easy to find on the internetz)