"GraphQL represents a massive leap forward for API development." says GitHub. What can we do with it in PHP?

This workshop will show you from the basic setup of your GraphQL Server with Symfony, possibly teach you some tricks on Symfony Flex and then start exploring a lot of the powers of GraphQL, handling a more complex schema, treating performance, security and versioning (Schema deprecation), if in time we'll also check some cool tech using promises to fetch data and get a grasp on how to avoid the n+1 issue on APIs.
If you're an API developer this workshop might change your way of thinking about it!


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The most amazing workshop I visited!
Very motivating! Renato covered with the simple words and examples almost complete the experience of building the graphql app n php and symphony.

Became interesting when I and my team-mate stopped copy-and-pasting the code from slides/Slack.
Would have liked more theory and sharing of personal experiences (if any).

Interesting subject but the copy pasting where everyone ends up with the exact same result without fully uunderstanding is not very conducive to learning. I’d recommend having a basic setup ready for the participants, use the first part of the workshop to explain and demo that setup, then allowing participants to expand it on their own.

Peter Ton at 09:34 on 14 Jun 2018

The tempo in the workshop was quite high, so between all the copy pasting keeping up was a bit tricky.
However a lot of ground was covered, so in the end I did feel like I walked out of the room knowing how to apply this in a real life project (or at least how to get started).

Overall a good workshop