This workshop covers all of the three layers from what is known as a layered architecture: the domain, application and infrastructure layer.

Protecting your high quality domain model can be accomplished by applying a so-called ports & adapters or hexagonal architecture. And you'll find out how your application's design really starts to flourish when you use CQRS with Event Sourcing.

Some of the keywords for this workshop: aggregate design, domain events, application services, commands, queries and events, event sourcing, projections, eventual consistency, layered architecture, ports & adapters, hexagonal architecture.

What you'll learn from this tutorial:
* Design a clean domain model
* Model your application's use cases as application services
* Connect those well-designed layers to the world outside


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Mike Lerch at 17:54 on 6 Jun 2019

Really good workshop. Took the time to explain everything in depth and answered all questions.

Koen Cornelis at 12:55 on 7 Jun 2019

Super workshop, well-paced with good explanations and the perfect mix between practice and theory.

Gert de Pagter at 22:20 on 7 Jun 2019

Learned a lot about application architecture.

Only thing i missed was a few branches in the repo so you could 'cheat' your way to the current progress in case you got stuck.

Tom de Wit at 23:56 on 7 Jun 2019

- Detailed
- Coherent
- Helpful

All in all a great experience. Having never touched the theory behind the subject, having been learning from Noback for a day was still very worthwhile and I’m going home inspired.

Matthias Noback (Speaker) at 10:34 on 10 Jun 2019

Thanks for your comments!
I made the mistake of not having an in-progress branch of the project (even though I always do this!), and will make sure to use it next time.