We all know slow sites suck. According to research by Amazon, customers buy more when a site is responsive. Google ranks fast sites better.

Using a WordPress case study, I'll take you on a journey through the jungle of web page performance. You'll learn to discern the many factors that are important in performance. I'll show you the techniques, tricks and tools used to overcome slowness.

You'll learn about image, script and stylesheet optimization, roundtrip minimization and why it's important. In addition, you'll discover a unique tool that allows you to do all that automatically.

After this talk you will be able to confidently measure a website's performance, and diagnose the reasons for it being slow. You'll know what to fix and how, and make your customers happy.

From a technical perspective, there are a lot of highly entertaining surprises regarding what can be done with PHP features, such as output buffering and HTML parsing, as well as in the browser: reordering DOM events and changing the way scripts and stylesheets are loaded.


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Koen Cornelis at 16:42 on 7 Jun 2019

Interesting info and approach. Would've been cool to get a demo and maybe also the limitations of phastpress.

Gert de Pagter at 22:27 on 7 Jun 2019

I knew most of these principles already, but it was pretty cool to hear about this tool to make it a bit easier.

Dennis C. at 10:23 on 8 Jun 2019

Definitely a solid talk with good examples and pros vs cons. Would have liked to have the github link in the abstract so I could have checked the software out before the talk.

Alwin Drenth at 12:57 on 9 Jun 2019

Great talk and thanks for the disclaimer and honesty up front.

Will definitely check it out.

Ronald D. at 14:56 on 11 Jun 2019

Interesting talk and approach to optimisation.