We warmly invite you to join us at the DPC Conference Social on Friday evening June 7th between 17:30 and 23:00 in the main conference hall.

Based on feedback we received we decided like last year to stay in the RAI venue after finishing the last talk on the first conference day. We’ll start with soup, french fries and snacks. Around 20:00 we’ll kick-off the social consisting of parallel subevents.

Of course we’ll have a traditional social with lots of drinks, but next to that we’ll organise a CodeNight, GameNight and new this year the SlideShare Karaoke and Escaphpe sequence.

On a more serious note, conference sessions are a great way to pick up textbook technical knowledge, but as professionals we learn a lot from general discussions with one another.

With so many interesting and talented people from the industry, as speakers but of course also as attendees, we want to take the opportunity to meet you all and allow everyone to mix and share ideas. We consider this event an integral part of the conference, and we hope you will join us!


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James Titcumb at 13:44 on 8 Jun 2019

Really loved having the social at the venue! Food service was "interesting" (e.g. rushes to grab fries off the tray), but the food itself was fine. Great choice of activities to cater to different tastes/interests. No music meant we could have good discussions - great for networking. Good beer, good food, good times.

Jeroen de Jong at 15:39 on 8 Jun 2019

I really like having dinner and the social directly after the conference at the same venue. Changing this last year made me buy a ticket for this year and will probably make me decide to do it again next year!

This needs to stay :)

Gary Hockin at 11:00 on 11 Jun 2019

The food and drink were brilliant, but for me, there was too much of a gap between the end of the food section and the start of the events section. Having it at the event is much better than having it in a bar.

Nice food!
Because it was located in the venue meant we stayed for the social. Otherwise we wouldn't have attended.