As the new teammate begins their journey in the organization, they have a lot to learn in terms of technical skills and domain knowledge. During this phase, they can be faced with a lot of questions, such as How to know what is the best route for the given problem? How can they be sure that they're challenged to think differently? How communication should be managed? My proposed talk, "Effective Mentorship" will help to find answers to these questions. The presentation will talk about the utility of the mentorship program is make sure the team members feel confident in their new position and proactive towards clarifying any doubts and doing research on their own. To summarize, this is an important process to promote teaching and growth and to make sure that mentee is brought to the speed with the rest of the team.

This talk is directed towards teams and organization that may or may not have integrated mentorship programs. The talk will cover the essence of having mentorship programs and if there exists one, I would be discussing ways to improve and refine it from participants feedback and past experiences. Given that this conference is aimed towards tech leads, engineering managers and CTOs, they will be able to relate and pick any useful points from this talk.

I decided to give this talk because there are a lot of good organizations which take mentorship programs for granted. It is not unusual that such programs can easily be seen as unnecessary use of resources not realizing its importance in the long-term. Through this talk, I will attempt to address some of the myths associated with it, and if there are team leads attending this talk, I am hoping to convince them to include such programs as I go through the list of benefits compiled through my own experiences.

I have previously worked as a mentor at the various organization and I would like to share some of the thoughts and experience I gained during the process. I was fortunate enough to get some of the best mentors when I first started working in the software industry a few years ago. As a person who is involved in both mentoring, making mentorship plans, and learning from continuous feedback I have a unique perspective on the whole process that would benefit to people who are excited to get involved in these programs


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Please, next time speak slowly and more clear. I actually struggled to understand what you were saying.
Please, be more concrete: an hour of talk, may be resumed in "be kind and patient with your mentees" and "ask stuff to your mentor when you're in panic"... Too much foo-bar.

Enjoyed the talk a lot. Mentorship is important for the future of our industry and it is nice to see such topics on conferences like DPC.

Dion Snoeijen at 17:22 on 8 Jun 2019

A very interesting subject. Could probably have been a bit more engaging and at times somewhat difficult to follow what you were saying.

I think this talk has potential and what i got from it was interesting. But try to talk a bit slower it was hard for me to understand everything you said