Much of the software we write is built to support a business process, this generally means validating and storing user data into a database. Often this is a mismatch with the actual business process, which is more reactive and task oriented. In this talk we'll look at using business events to drive the evolution of our software design and see how we can build a model which better reflects the businesses processes.


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Joop Lammerts at 21:34 on 7 Jun 2019

I really liked how Chris went from "what's an event" to how to structure an Event Driven application. It makes it a great way to get a general picture in how different parts are coupled together. For me personally it might be a little deeper into details. But that's my opinion

Erik de Bos at 09:22 on 9 Jun 2019

Good talk on an abstract subject, with lots of examples for implementation. Good to go beyond the theory.
Sound was unfortunately not very good. Maybe it would be help.for the speaker to speak a little slower.


Detailed talk about a not so easy subject (for me that is :) ).
Good pacing.


Volume-wise it was difficult to understand you at times. This was actually a technical issue, however, but perhaps something worth taking into consideration.
Personally, I missed some practical applications (i.e. code examples) to enhance my understanding of Events. For my personal taste it was a bit too theoretical, especially for the last time slot of the day :)

Overall, a well brought talk about a not so easy subject, however, for my personal taste it was a bit too theoretical.


Tim Huijzers at 23:15 on 9 Jun 2019

It's hard to keep the subject down to something you can talk about in 45min but I missed some more pitfalls people should or shouldn't watch out for.

This is one of the better talks on the topic I have found. In essence I agree with Tim Huijzers comment, although I understand the decision to keep the talk to the happy path of this design.

Bart V at 19:31 on 10 Jun 2019

I liked it.

I loved the talk - Chris made great use of the time available to cover all the elements.

Would love to see the slides.