If you struggle while interpreting your colleague’s exceptions or you are creating them without much thought put into it, this is a talk for you.

Exceptions are perhaps the most neglected, after tests, element of object oriented applications - especially in the PHP environment. Many see them as an unpleasant necessity, yet in reality, they are here to help developers quickly pin down specific errors. Of course if they are well-designed. This talk is about how to properly design your exceptions with different circumstances.

This presentation is designed so that every developer will find it valuable, but beginner and intermediate listeners will get the most of out it.


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Very good, in depth talk about the art of using exceptions. Exceptions may sound an easy topic, but Szymon proved that if you want to do it well, you need to take many things into account. It was really interesting and the number of questions just prove it.

I would consider changing the structure of the talk by starting with an explanation why exceptions are important and then an explication how to use them well.

Chris Holland at 00:32 on 9 Jun 2019

Very informative talk conveying how to better design Exceptions and their importance.

Tom de Wit at 11:42 on 9 Jun 2019

I’m not sure I got out of it what I was expecting to learn. Szymon did a good job at explaining the importance of Exceptions, but the message didn’t really stick.

Alwin Drenth at 12:37 on 9 Jun 2019

Sorry to bring this like this, but the talk was far from good.

- Bad code examples and the examples itself are poor.
- Sometimes to much of a detail in one single example.
- Asking questions to audience but did nothing with the response of the audience.
- No points that stood out or something to learn and bring home tbh.
- Slides with a single line of code example (full of typos): "thorw new CouldNotTopUpAccount("User account is inactive", $inactiveReson)".
- Spent too much time talking on 1 slide, etc.

A lot to improve, but in comparison to other talks this had to be a rating with 1 thumbs up (Needed more work).

Bas at 13:33 on 11 Jun 2019

You sounded a bit contradicting, you told you belonged to the group that liked Exceptions because of the readability but in the next part you did discourage to use them for things that are not exceptional. (it helps readability there too)

You could have told the audience you can even use an interface to identify a group of exceptions, making them even more useful. (Marker interface pattern).

You struggled a bit keeping the presentation flowing, but that is probably because it was the first time.

A plus on your pronunciation, although you had some mistakes it was easy to listen too. (In resent years I've listened to some talks where it was hard just to know what was being said)

The presentation felt as if it was created at the last minute. It had tiny errors that caused the flow of the presentation to break which in turn caused poor participation with the users. Additionally the introduction to the problem the presentation was going to solve took too long and felt out of context. Just tell the problem and possible solutions.