Most of the time you’ll work in teams, but sometimes teammates don’t understand each other. Working on a piece of software becomes a drag. So why does this happen? Can you prevent this from happening?

During this talk we’ll introduce The Attitude Model. This model helps us to improve teamwork. It explains and predicts how teams argue, cooperate and excel. It helps us to understand what individuals need from their team and what they bring to the table. The Attitude Model allows us to move from storming to performing.

With The Attitude Model by your side you and your team will have fewer conflicts, work together more smoothly and have better meetings. You will have tools to divide your software design approach. So come join me in my journey on how I became the world champion with my team (and clients).


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Boy Baukema at 12:30 on 8 Jun 2019

Engaging speaker, tells fun stories.

Jeroen de Jong at 14:26 on 8 Jun 2019

Thank you for this talk. I already knew a little bit about the concepts but never thought about applying it like this. You are an energetic speaker and with the formula 1 example did a great job landing to story.

The story telling was great, and very good starting point for your talk.

I'm kind of curious how to put the model explained during the talk in practice.

Daniel Halasz at 19:53 on 8 Jun 2019

Great model, great speaker :)

Erik de Bos at 09:28 on 9 Jun 2019

Very expressive, engaging speaker with a simple but important subject. Would have liked to see a bit more about how the model related to other similar models.

A very simple but effective model that is easily applicable.

This talk did not cut it for me. In my opinion, this talk was not about the Attitude Model (if there is such a thing, it was barely mentioned) but about how people can have different ways of thinking. You did a good job on explaining how this can cause conflict between people but can also be used to complement team members and deliver better software. Personally, I felt this was just a little too obvious.

The double design diamond was new to me and something I will try to use in future refinements with my team.