When people give talks on the "S.O.L.I.D." design principles one of the letters that doesn't get enough attention is the "i" - the "interface segregation principle". This talk seeks to redress that imbalance by going into a bit more in-depth into:

An introduction to interface segregation and an explanation of how it makes your code easier to test.
Why in PHP we need to apply the principle more broadly, to make types be more specific, so that code is more reasonable. *Me babbling on about emotions, and how good code is boring. Which is good!


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Osman at 12:07 on 8 Jun 2019

+ good and clear examples

- you should bring the story with a bit more energy and enthusiasm. Walk a little bit more around, be a little bit more mobile.

Awesome talk! I enjoyed the practical and relatable example code snippets used in the slides, and the build up was smooth and meaningful.

I enjoyed the talk very much and Dan's insight into extracting value/actionable classes, making the code lean and clean, and of course interface segregation.

Thanks for the brilliant talk Dan!

Tom de Wit at 11:44 on 9 Jun 2019

Very well done. I’m a tad new to the subject and the principle was very well explained and the demo code was clear and concise. I feel like I can go into the office on Tuesday and run with it.

If you’re ever able to attend, I’d highly recommend.

Alwin Drenth at 12:53 on 9 Jun 2019

I LOL-ed very much at the beard thing. Keep the humour in your talks.

Great talk, great examples.


As a SOLID wannabe programmer ( :) ) I am always interested in any talk dealing with SOLID principles.
Pacing of your talk, as well as the volume were great. One can see you've been speaking a lot.
A lot of code examples made it engaging enough.


It was sometimes hard to follow : I had the impression the talk jumped from subject to subject 'in between slides' (if this makes sense) : on one slide it concentrated on the testing side of things, then jumping to code examples about Controllers, Interfaces, etc...

All in all, a good talk and I certainly learned something (even giving feedback with Good and Less Good points :) ). However, sometimes you lost me for a second.

Bart V at 19:33 on 10 Jun 2019

Great talk.

Good explanation of the Interface Segregation principle. I particularly like how you focus on the language we use, this is often forgotten but very important.

Some of the examples you use led to some heated discussions afterwards. For example, splitting up the psr request interface was not something many people agreed with. I think that for some people this distracted them from the actual message.

Bas at 12:32 on 11 Jun 2019

Technically great talk. I did learn something and I will advocate this. Unfortunately it was a bit monotonous. Maybe you can try to improve that, because you don't want the audience to miss out on things that important.

I liked the part you make clear that there is a trade-off in the various methods. The examples help a lot, next to the beard chart.